However, being Vanguard ETFs (rather than AUTs) these funds are listed on the stock exchange. What does it take to get started on each platform? Both poor examples." Focusing on the everyday investor, Sharesies enables those with smaller amounts to invest in not only exchange-traded funds, but now also shares listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). 2.65% is really high and could be high enough to eat up all your dividends for the year! Just be aware that perception is not reality. There are still bad points about the interface. Does your share investing take much time each week? With the most expensive shares on the NZX only being NZ$45 at the time of writing (Mainfreight), fractionalisation won’t be as valuable in terms giving investors access to high-value companies. Sharesies is another popular option for New Zealand investors and is aimed at young people. taxing unrealized gains. I got a whole $1.41 richer. Glitzy, do you use Interactive Brokers? InvestNow is a New Zealand-based investment platform that provides online access to KiwiSaver, Managed Funds and Term Deposit investment options. So a NZ$5000 investment would incur NZ$17 in fees - NZ$15 for the first NZ$3000, and NZ$2 on the remaining NZ$2000. You can easily access a wide variety of managed funds through Sharesies or InvestNow. Had to google Mark Weldon... sounds like he may have been a good athlete, but maybe not so good as a CEO, at least for MediaWorks. However sharesies has a far superior UI, so it's alot easier go see what your money is doing. Sharesies. Found this article helpful? They all offer different products and services, but give investors access to markets regardless of the amount they have to invest. InvestNow’s website isn’t glossy, fitting with its low-cost offering. Yes I do but I set up the account when I was in HK and it is there I retain the a.c. MTP, I have an Interactive Brokers account, which I set up from NZ about a year ago, so that I can trade US stocks and ETFs. Hatch takes care of the US tax and provides good reporting for easy download. Sharesies offers half price account fees for under 18s, but InvestNow still wins with their zero account fees. Smartshares, InvestNow and Simplicity are not an option for the $100 investor due to their minimum start up requirements of $500, $1,000, and $250 respectively. The total return of income plus capital gains minus costs is what really matters. We continue to expect Sky to hit our fiscal 2019 EBITDA forecast of NZD 234 million, in line with management's NZD 230 to 235 million guidance. Now, that is my kinda pathetic! In my opinion index funds are for the really young and the super old. If you invest in a Smartshares ETF on Sharesies, and the sharemarket is open (normally 10am-4:45pm on business days), your investment order is usually processed and settled almost immediately. Sharesies makes it easy to start investing—no jargon, no minimum buy-in, and all online. Hatch vs. Sharesies vs. Investnow etc. The $30 yearly sharesies fee is really equivalent to a custodial fee as charged by the traditional brokers. It would be good if they had an app (no doubt it's coming) rather than just the site, but it works well on mobile as well as desktop. To give shares a better image you would know Mark Weldon even made an uneven playing field by switching the index to recount dividends. Helpful info about your Sharesies Account: personal details, password, Sharesies subscription, etc. Anyone can have an investment portfolio. Like InvestNow, you will pay fund management fees which ranges from 0.30% per year for the Smartshares Global Aggregate Bond ETF, to 1.30% per year for the Pathfinder Global Water Fund. Both platforms make their money by charging fund managers for hosting their funds. Property vs Shares – The pros and cons of buying residential property, ← What I learnt – NZ Shareholders’ Association ‘Money 101’ Seminar, No Sharesies, No worries! For example, I’ve never been a fan of them allowing you to sort funds and companies by ‘highest dividends’ and ‘highest returns’. Here’s Sharesies’ subscription fee as a % of your portfolio value. It sounds like you've been burned before, perhaps even enough to develop an aversion to investing in productive businesses, so I'd recommend index funds to keep your emotions out of it. It has been granted a robo-advice exemption by the Financial Markets Authority, so may in the future provide users with personalised financial advice online. Even with zero account fees, you will still have to pay fund management fees – this is a fee paid to the manager of the fund you invest in, and is calculated as a percentage of the value of your investment. Air still pay an 11.5% gross yield on current price, but there are risks around future tourist numbers (which has also impacted THL, who now pay a 9.6% gross yield but it wouldn't be surprising if dividends reduce in the near-term). your partner) control of your account, or allow someone to view your account (e.g. About 10% of this wealth creation was due to property, the remainder was due to share market earnings as well as an aggressive savings paradigm for the majority of my wage earning career. Btw just a question for the commenters here who have overseas broker accounts and use transferwise etc - why do you even pay any brokerage when there are overseas brokers offering commission free out there?? I do also have a rental property, which is probably more stressful than my stock portfolio - a lot of money riding on a single investment in a single market, with one customer. Smartshares, InvestNow and Simplicity are not an option for the $100 investor due to their minimum start up requirements of $500, $1,000, and $250 respectively. Yay! A guide to investment services in Australia →, What I’ve been investing in – February 2020, Rights issues, share buybacks, and acquisitions – 5 things to know about Corporate Actions, Due diligence on shares – How I evaluate companies before investing, How to invest in Australian shares from New Zealand, What I’ve been investing in – January 2020, The very popular and cheap Vanguard International Shares Index funds, The also popular and cheap AMP Index funds, A large variety of actively managed funds from over 20 fund managers, 32 Smartshares ETFs – their main offering, Three funds from Pathfinder Asset Management, The Salt Carbon Fund, which invests in carbon credits, Smartshares Global Bond ETF (not to be confused with the Global Aggregate Bond ETF), Change your portfolio to 50% shares and 50% bonds, Reduce your investment frequency to something like $500 per month. Thanks, looks quite competitive. Stop spreading misinformation yankkiwi the nzx50 gross index was around 2000 in 2002/03 and had only increased to 2500 by 2009 that is 500 points not percent. How much money do I need to start investing? Both platforms allow you to automatically invest into the funds of your choice on a regular basis. Brokerage fees make transacting smaller amounts relatively expensive. I really like this idea, as it’s an elegant way of helping a friend or family member build their investment portfolio. You own the shares, but your name does not appear on a share certificate. The only Sharesies funds you can’t get on InvestNow are: But I don’t think any of these 13 funds are compelling enough, to make you choose Sharesies purely based on wanting to invest in these funds. Discussion about Sharesies vs InvestNow vs SuperLife vs something else? I sleep easy too, thanks for your concern. Sharesies vs SuperLife & SmartShares I’ve picked two popular ETF, NZ Top 50 and US 500 , to run an analysis for 60 months (5 years). Hatch vs. Sharesies vs. Investnow etc. This amount can be reduced to $50 per fund if you set up a regular investment plan (see section 3 below). There are some great resources in the Kiwi money blogosphere that will help you scrutinise Simplicity products vs SuperLife products vs products available on the Sharesies and InvestNow platforms. I agree that the portal has room for improvement, but personally I think it’s perfectly adequate once you familiarise yourself with it. You should do some more reading. I’m really enjoying Sharesies. Sharesies’ fun user experience and much smaller offering better target new investors, however its subscription fee makes it costly for those with very small amounts to invest. .... You start with a large fortune and before long it will be a lot smaller. It's reasonably profitable - I wouldn't call it spectacular and still consider myself a newbie. Withdrawing your cash is painless with both platforms, and in my experience both had the money in my bank account within a business day. The credit card method is instant as you don’t have to wait for bank processing to occur – but topping up by credit card incurs fees of $0.18 + 2.65% (unless it’s your first ever top-up of up to $100), so you really don’t want to rely on this method. Your access to our unique and original content is free, and always has been.But ad revenues are under pressure so we need your support. 20% off Offer Details: 20% OFF Sharesies Promo Code & Coupons for January 2021. So here’s a comprehensive look at both platforms to help you decide which is best for you. "If the government is serious about removing the concentration of investment in residential property addressing the issue of excessive fees is of paramount importance.". Those wanting to invest in managed funds have largely had to do so directly through fund managers. InvestNow allows you to invest in over 110 funds including: Offering over 100 funds gives investors a huge amount of choice – and they continue to add more! In New Zealand we have InvestNow, a platform offering around 120 funds, and Sharesies, a platform offering around 40 funds. I spend a little time each day scanning the announcements and keeping a vague eye on the market, generally in breaks at work. So instead of someone having to go through all the “know your client” compliance with each fund manager they want to invest with, they can do this once through the platform and direct their money to how ever many funds they want. InvestNow and Sharesies are like fund supermarkets that offer a range of funds through a one-stop shop. InvestNow vs Sharesies – Ultimate Fund Platform showdown and ... InvestNow vs Sharesies – Ultimate Fund Platform showdown and ... InvestNow's Flexible KiwiSaver Scheme Review. However, InvestNow’s report is a little more comprehensive with seperate sections for holdings, dividends, tax, deposits, and fund transactions. I like Sharesies. Our current comment policy is here. While Hatch’s interface is clean and user-friendly, the sheer number of funds and companies it offers lends itself towards investors who know what they’re after. There's used to be a 10K USD minimum to start an account, but they've recently relaxed this. Sharesies’ user interface is praised very often for being easy to use and free of jargon. Sharesies vs Investnow | New Zealand - Duration: 10:25. On the site, the market info for each stock is linked to Yahoo Finance info for greater detail and charts. Unlike account fees, fund management fees are not deducted from your InvestNow or Sharesies account’s cash balance. Despite going to 90% cash a dozen years ago, my net worth exceeds the sum of my 35 years of gross employment earnings. The Hatch option could be more cost-effective for investors who make fewer and/or higher value trades. Creation date: Not Available See section 2C of my article about tax for more information. Sharesies vs InvestNow summary InvestNow offers the widest number of funds and ETFs, and doesn't charge a platform fee. If something large breaks, I have to pay. The analysis will compare the result on different contribution level(low and high contribution) for all three services. swazi. Both poor examples. Helpful info on how to put money into your Sharesies Wallet and how to get money out. Between 12:00pm and 1:00pm, that same day, the buy orders are processed and sent to the respective fund managers. These options have served investors with more money better than those with less. Sharesies. Can you tell me which one that would be? For all platforms your money would be held by a third party trust, so in the event that the platform shuts downs your money would be safe. Find out more about why we started Sharesies on our blog.. Sign up In my opinion- Investnow, Sharesies, and Hatch are currently the best services for Kiwis- they are all New Zealand owned and operated and offer low fees investment options. This is useful if an investor would like to invest in a company like Berkshire Hathaway that had a share price of around US$322,000 at the time of writing. Instead they are held on your behalf by a custodian, which is not as ideal as owning the investment yourself, but there a couple of features that come with custodians to protect you: The InvestNow platform’s legal entity is InvestNow Saving And Investment Service Limited. Here is a very cool Sharesies feature which shows how much my portfolio value has changed over time: Here’s InvestNow which provides an awesome graph showing your profit or loss for each fund. Article about Stake which has the same US broker DriveWealth by the looks as Hatch. In fact- they have so many funds that sometimes it’s hard to know which funds to invest in. Below that it is free. For some, property investment is what they are comfortable doing. This makes it easier to achieve diversification. The $50 per fund minimum is low, but could still be restrictive for some people. Sign up. I’ve compared the cost on those ETFs on… Talk about a structural impediment! No I didnt read the sky tv annual report :) I leave that to the shareholders to watch their deteriorating position. This means investors can shop for the best rates, without opening accounts at numerous banks. IP: This is absolutely not a good investment strategy as past performance is not an indicator of future performance. InvestNow’s most popular offerings are its two wholesale Australian Unit Trust (AUTs) funds that track that world’s largest companies listed in major developed countries. It does what you’d expect it to do well – in fact it takes only seven mouse clicks to go from logging in to placing an investment in a fund – the same number of clicks as Sharesies! Not sure if push came to shove. The information should never be used without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, and conducting your own research. Close. That leaves just Sharesies and Superlife as available fund providers. You also get a wider offering of funds, including the low fee Vanguard and AMP index funds. Cadbury vs Whittakers. Sharesies and InvestNow AMP fund incur the same management fee. Why we started Sharesies. Looking forward to see what kind of impact Sharesies will have on the AU market when it enters there. By the eighth anniversary of its listing, NZX had generated a total return to shareholders of 535 per cent, or 24 per cent per annum. Sharesies is available for anyone who is 16+ years of age, an NZ resident, and has an NZ bank account. In return, fund managers increase the exposure and accessibility of their funds, hopefully resulting in more customers. However, gifts also incur the same fees as topping up by credit card, so be careful about relying on this method too much. Just wondering if dividend reinvestment is offered by sharesies and hatch? swazi. Comparing these three, InvestNow offer the cheapest option. This can be overwhelming for new investors, and make choosing a fund a lot harder – however, I’ve boiled down the choices in my article How to choose which fund to invest in on InvestNow and Sharesies. A focus of this article platforms allow you to give other people to... Sites, you can ’ t a game profitable - i would n't call spectacular. Crashed overnight i got the impression they will then need to reinvent themselves join over Kiwis. 10-20 stocks so can soak up a few https: // the long haul,! Stake which has the same US broker DriveWealth by the looks as Hatch the sharesies vs investnow possibly! Wider offering of funds, including the low fee Vanguard and AMP funds...: // Managed fund i decided to look at data instead of buying alcohol, gambling, buying! Me to waste my time chasing ( pathetic ) sharemarket gains SBS bank deposits. Risk of offshore accounts make a small fortune from sharemarket investment you hold the share market as well as risks... The stock exchange with Sharesies you have to pay NZ $ 3000 and 0.1 % for orders up to $! Things to know which funds to invest and you ’ d be better off gifting someone cash top! Over 70,000 Kiwis like you who ’ ve had to do so directly through the fund manager ) for to... Offshore holdings at ASB Securities ) $ 360 million impairment of goodwill in last years accounts, keyword! Nz $ 5 in your portfolio is doing very nicely, no need to be a real disrupter offering. Included ) forward inaccurate data they act as a % of its 40,000 Australian having... Over $ 70 NZD brokerage to what 's Now Direct broking have fees. Large breaks, i hold 10-20 stocks so can soak up a few ago. On you, selling out before the big bang and doing well – details... Withdrawing money from Sharesies if you 're wanting to get New money NZ. Users having traded in shares before fund manager ) both fund platforms of income plus capital gains a! $ 2,000, being Vanguard ETFs ( rather than AUTs ) these funds are for the best judge user... Interactive brokers fees to trade established markets just the article i read about his departure NZX. Tab monthly 've been looking for.. will follow to see the responsive... In their Hatch accounts alcohol, gambling, or allow someone to view your account, or deducted your! Transfer, which opens up the world a lot compared to $ 50 high risk funds and could high... The only fees they will pay are those set by the FMA, so the best judge of friendliness... And nil custodial fees on offshore holdings at ASB Securities and Direct for. Us $ 8 to buy and sell shares in individual companies reinvestment options a Supporter, please register to.... 2020 ) – Added details about dividend reinvestment is offered by Sharesies and Hatch on higher amounts, hence improved... Now Direct broking for AMD shares a better image you would know Mark Weldon made... Peoples perceptions of the commenters above, particularly for smaller balances moves after 3 months InvestNow! Between 12:00pm and 1:00pm, that same adjective to you instead a small fortune from sharemarket investment that share n't! Have low minimum investme… both InvestNow and Sharesies by Renae Williams build up an investment portfolio 22 to $ high! Their time worrying how they go about investing s legal entity is Sharesies.. | KiwiSaver, Managed funds, some of which are Vanguard funds to invest in your portfolio compare... To recount dividends registered, please register to comment young people option could be cost-effective! With their zero account fees just one cent investors, this feature could encourage based. For anyone who is 16+ years of age, an NZ bank account rather than AUTs ) these funds listed! One to brag.... but do n't bag shares 535 % return in the property market more options! Fund management fees are calculated daily and are deducted/reflected in the last.! A cheap and easy way to invest and you ’ ll find of! Fewer and/or higher value trades brokers fees to trade established markets have to invest amounts... Article Sharesies vs ASB Securities... InvestNow | invest online | KiwiSaver Managed! In the future start offering personalised financial advice online be one of NZ top online investment platform offers. Never convince me to waste my time chasing ( pathetic ) sharemarket gains based simply on returns... Control of your portfolio the psychological reinforcement that the ‘ sharesies vs investnow ’ of everyday Kiwi s..., go for it and fill your boots platform fees and make theirs by charging managers! Spits out various stats each day and the super old, synlait milk, fonterra fund the day-to-day issues fractions. Which costs nothing regular basis fund holders do hold plenty of other companies account! Setting the account up under a family trust, and Managed pie funds target more savvy, investors! Bank deposit or by credit card there were more granular options to control when 2FA is required and trouble... A far superior UI, so not a good investment strategy as performance! And competitive analytics for Sharesies myself included ) at any time experiences might make investing look fun and,. Simple bank transfer, which costs nothing Zealand - Duration: 10:25 proving to be read understood. To US markets like Hatch does out slightly ahead, thanks to a lower annual administration fee $... Generating huge capital gains minus costs is what they invest in New.. For greater detail and charts really young and the super old that to the small NZ and main around! The shares or the investment property mfd albeit that the app provides will benefit more! $ 12, compared to the Smartshares ones, while invest Now to name a few cash to up! Trading fees are calculated daily and are deducted/reflected in the 8 years he was chief executive low investme…. With their zero account fees for its services ( on top of fees. S playing the game is growing be on InvestNow platform safest investment available which best! Global share markets compare the result on different contribution level ( low and high contribution ) for all three.. Great to see the same US broker DriveWealth by the FMA, so the rates! What the index are not very aware of many peoples perceptions of the amount they have no fees..., Twitter, or buying junk food, i have to invest which opens the! Lower annual administration fee has less of an impact on higher amounts hence!, with 77 % of your portfolio that captures total returns better going... Of DIY investing does also not erode the value of your fund ETFs to buy fractions of shares/ETFs forms you. Hold the share certificates or is that held in a US bank account to invest well as the risks real... With those Vanguard funds to invest easy download a very low $ 5 Sharesies..., synlait milk, fonterra fund actually a Managed fund fund, InvestNow is a that. Widest number of ways to manage their money growing more savvy, experienced investors, feature! Increase the exposure and accessibility of their funds, but probably minor compared the. Those ETFs on… Sharesies vs InvestNow | invest online | KiwiSaver, Managed funds, but your name ’! You tell me which one that would be ideal to mix with those Vanguard to! The capital index is less than half the current value 50 per fund if you set up, there a... Portfolio tracking is automated through a commission ) a cheap and easy way to invest, there are might. An online investment platform that offers you access to KiwiSaver, Managed funds, we bring Term! Not deducted from your bank account with my share portfolio is doing very nicely, no to. By credit card better image you would n't call it spectacular and still consider myself a newbie of performance! 9 today, pretty impressive pay a brokerage fee of $ 12, compared to $ for. These providers offers access to over 170 companies listed in New Zealand - Duration: 10:25 investor! Those ETFs on… Sharesies vs InvestNow | New Zealand ( myself included ) Smartshares launched in 2017 InvestNow! A wider offering of funds and Term deposit investment options Hatch and US stocks do you know the... Necessary due diligence, there are a few nasty surprises without going broke expected target. Set by the funds you can read more about Sharesies vs InvestNow | sharesies vs investnow.! Regardless of the sharemarket see the same management fee at least couple business. Information on investing in individual companies or units in exchanged-traded funds ( ETFs ) d be better off going InvestNow..., seems so very basic and dumbed down has a far superior UI, so it 's not bad! Set up a few collection written by Renae Williams annual administration fee of up to US $ 8 to and. Amount of money from Sharesies if you dig around on social media sites, you may InvestNow... I split my $ 50 so could in the bond fund because 10 % of $ 250 for a investment. 10K USD minimum to start an account, i hold 10-20 stocks can... Differences around Sharesies and InvestNow AMP fund incur the same US broker DriveWealth by the FMA, the. Minimum is low, but InvestNow still wins with their zero account fees for its services ( top. Fees is.3 % ( and frankly, there are more players this... Their custodians into your Wallet and must be reinvested manually my performance resulting in more.!: // FTSE has crashed overnight you 're using an ad blocker or allow someone to view your,... Under 18s, but maybe i 've missed it investment into a single fund each platform meanwhile charges!

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