How to join the Army Read all you need to know about the process. Oliver Stone didn't direct Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrik did. How many people believe in the Bible? 1. Once we no longer have a big dick we will be a page in history. Lynching people in the street, decapitating people in broad daylight around children. And he causes havoc in his family too. Talk to one of those Vietnam Nam era parents who were "forced to serve". We are a brotherhood of loyalty and self-sacrifice Whether you want to believe it or not, the military does more than just help the big coporations. Another important point for you all to consider:The US military is not an honorable institution. but I also like fitness and martial arts anyway, so part of me tries say it will be a good thing and will advance my martial arts and make me fitter and more badass..... although I know that they will put stupid amount of unhealthy strain on me and the only thing likely to come out of it is a slipped disk and permanent back injury haha., Winston, I support you. Related Article:  Green Berets Vs. Rangers Vs. Delta Force: Some MAJOR Differences. People will blow themselves up because their family tells them it's honorable when, in fact, they are completely blind to reality. You do not simply understand anything about the military. I want to kill. You are a conspiracist. Joining the military is a great option if you’re looking to get away from home. Why White women don't like Asian men - But there's Good News for Asian Guys! They pull soldiers from those noncombat places, the national guard, or the inactive people to put on the front lines when everyone else on the front lines dies. Your post is lacking any sort of proof or backing, it's a large collection of opinions supported by more opinions. Here's the 10 foot pole I'm not going to touch that with.16) Who cares? After Tom Cruise's character becomes crippled, he cannot get any love at all and goes down to Mexico to visit prostitutes.What does it matter if soldiers invade my home town or not? You are just communistic. At Wu well I am pretty sure you would be happy living some where else with out a military correct? People die in War, that is a know fact. Your email address will not be published. You're what's wrong with America. They hate us because they see us as sinful bastards who need to be eradicated.This is only a small group out of many, though, and I am not an advocate of gunning down any civilian who throws a rock at a HUMVEE, but the more our boys are over there, the less they are over here, bombing our nation.Instead, all we have to worry about every day includes what we're going to eat, when we're going to eat it, and whats on TV. Maybe you should stop whining like a little boy on the internet about how much you hate our government and get off your ass and do something about it. Does this make it any less worthy? All right. Thanks to the great temple of the Illuminati..... "What does it matter if soldiers invade my home town or not? All human being is evil, corrupt, dishonest, and biased. You sir are ungrateful scum. It’s all a matter of figuring out where your priorities are, as well as weighing the pros and cons in your own current life situation. Here are 10 reasons the military may be a good fit for you. OR call +2348138140874 for immediate initiation New members registration is now open online now !!!!! If these won't keep you in the military, nothing will. JOINING THE ILLUMINATI BRINGS YOU INTO THE LIMELIGHT OF THE WORLD IN WHICH YOU LIVE IN TODAY. * We are not interested in anyonewho has obtained their knowledge aboutthe Illuminati based on what they%u2019veHEARD from Mass Media (News orPerforming Arts), Conspiracy Theorists(Amateur or Professional Authors orSpeculators), Internet Rumors, or otherHERESY. What we do around the world I object to, but my objections won't stop me from following orders. At least if you buy their propaganda that's one more down for me to step on on my way to a better paying job. You may have sworn an allegiance to it. Everybody’s always talking about why you should join the military, so I decided to give you five reasons you shouldn’t join. Is it before or after November 11 (Veteran's Day)? There’s nothing like walking around in your uniform and having someone thank you for your service. This is a proud and valuable contribution to the society that we all have the pleasure of living in, whether it's appreciated or not. Additionally, there are always higher tiers of operations you can try out for, like Ranger Battalion, Navy SEALs, Green Berets, or even the top-secret Delta Force. Referring them to movies? Explore all of these in depth before beginning the big decision on whether or not to join. That's been documented and proven.Why would anyone want to serve such a soulless empty culture like that? You research skills should show you that information, but if you able to find a regulation or law that counters what I have just informed you of, please publish it. god damn hippie. Hometowns can be great. Not fake, arrogant and toxic like Americans. I guess you are just using a small sample here to diagnose the entirety of the military.6) Yeah I did give up some of my rights, so fucking what? Who says joining the military equates to dying at war??? They would be called up as needed. In any event, there are plenty of good reasons to join the military. I was free and liberated to be me. Garbage. by Don N. Hagist. Big Secrets America doesn't want you to know! 5 Good Reasons Why Transgender Accommodations Aren’t Compatible With Military Realities. THIS IS SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your history is different from mine (I'm French) though I know pretty well all the American history etc. You just sign up and go. I won't delve into the politics of the need for the US military's presence on Earth.If the government provided free schooling and healthcare outside of the military, then there's no way I would have joined, but until it changes, I like my job as of right now. This is my view on it: Obedience to God. I'm gonna stack this cash and GTFO the US for good. Hollywood is a corporation. Here’s a direct quote from the Small Business Administration website: SBA programs provide access to capital and preparation for small business opportunities. it sucks at schools too. The ruling elite in America also rule in secret behind the shadows. I have been been hopeless, financially down through out that year. For example, if you plan on pursuing a job in law enforcement, serve a few years in the military police. They’re comfortable, familiar, and full of people you know and trust. Fuck you Winston Wu. As a member of the military, you’ll have the opportunity to serve a cause that affects the whole world. Steve McGreevy. Reasons To Join The Army• Gather a group of soldiers and you’ll likely find many different reasons to join the Army.• Some join to serve their country, others want to pay for college and still others simply want to see the world on Uncle Sam’s dime.• Whatever the reason, there are plenty of benefits of joining the Army. That means that you could collect a pension, have full health coverage forever, and start a whole other career before you’re 40! Forgive me for knowing little-to-no jargon, I'm new to this subreddit and the military in general. Do you want to become very rich, famous or powerful in life,Join the Illuminati and have all your heart desires come through , Fast cars , Spot Lights , Money , Influence and power . THINK THINK THINK! "I think war is stupid because everyone knows it's stupid" is the basis for your entire post and makes no logical sense what-so-ever. The only soldiers that have ever saved our freedom were the colonists in the revolutionary war. To serve your country.Sometimes, you love this country so much that you want to go an extra mile for this country.2 You want a life changing experience.You might want to escape from unemployment, boredom, etc.You might want a new life or new experience in your lackluster life. Its actually pretty hard to fucking get to a combat role in the military the people who misguidedly enlist are usually signed as open contracts and become cooks. WARNING!!! Not for my country. 2017-02-28 By Defence IQ Digital. THINK MAN! They always LIE to the American people. It seems like that is enough for most of them. Reason you should NOT join the Army: To get a job Job security Cause I like “Call of Duty” To get an education. By Gabriela Silva Dec 26, 2020. Are there bad apples? We fight for the constitution. In other countries, coup is almost like a national sport happening every decade. People from the country, people from the suburbs. THINK MAN! You are wrong. The fact is, killing bad guys accounts for (maybe) the tiniest fraction of your time spent — even if go infantry. The media acknowledges that there is a suicide epidemic among veterans of the Iraq war. And so feminine too. Instead of complaining about the military go fix a problem. God Bless America. We got a little speech just before we took the oath. So, “because life will be a lot easier” is not a good reason to tryout for SOF. Like any branch of the military, there are major pros and cons associated with joining. You are such a monkey anyone can see that the only reason you mercenaries go to war is to make companies money, and thin you out after they reassign you to the front lines to die, when you try to get out and go to college after 4 years of service. During my first deployment I learned that we're fighting a bullsh#t war and asked "why are we here really?". Name one, go ahead. Still, the Army seems to favor Christianity. And those of us that signed on have an abundance of HONOR and SACRIFICE available for those that cannot fight or defend themselves. Think about it. Most joined for similar reasons you point out. It's very sad and moving. Just as they did in the past wars where there wasn't enough bodies to fight. Similar to the VA Home Loan, the VA also supports veterans who are interested in starting a small business. They are pretty good.9 Reasons Not To Join the US Military Excellent Reason Not to Join the Military: You May be Ordered to Kill Civilians and here is a shill webpage from the US military website about why you shouldn't join the military. [Op-Ed] 2017-03-14 By Martin Cakebread. They always LIE to the American people. 900 bases in 153 countries?!?!?!?!?? There are more crazies and delusional people in America than anywhere else in the world.Now America has become a super arrogant greedy nation that thinks it owns the world. They also know the potential for great rewards of military service. I stop reading the moment you mention Henry Kissinger. The simple fact of the matter is that the military is not for everyone. You don't have to thank him for his service if you don't believe in what we're doing, but you better damn well thank him for saving you or your children, or your grandchildren from being FORCED into the military to endure that kind of life and shitty pay.Or just keep your trap shut, that always works well. All human beings are corrupt, dishonest and selfish. Retirees can receive free health care from the Veterans Administration, while honorably separated members can receive low-cost care if they meet the income caps. You can learn every trade, from how to be a mechanic, driving heavy equipment, to the ins and outs of cryptology. KILL BROWN PEOPLE 10000 MILES AWAY BECAUSE THE POLITICIANS SAY SO!!!!! Why would you want to fight for them? it's well-known fact that Freemasonry/ ILLUMINATI consist of Multi Millionaires, Billionaires who have major influence regarding most global affairs, including the planning of a New World Order. While the military is receptive to bringing in new people and training them to fill appropriate positions, not everyone is qualified to enlist. He some people sign up for the military for the wrong reasons. In addition to the obvious places—Iraq and Afghanistan—service-members get to go all over. Anyone who has seen Fahrenheit 911 will have noticed that military recruiters prey on people who need jobs and have no where else to turn. Where the power hungry people in control have the tools and resources to destroy anyone who gets in their way (Nukes, Food and Water Population Control, Ignorant Police Force, Chemical Warfare, Drones, Marshall Law, NDAA)Where destroying our freedom due to new laws being passed, camera's being installed on every corner, recording private phone calls, and now police will soon have the use of drones on our soil.What Chance do we have?I fear one day we won't be worrying about people coming in to our country but perhaps trying to leave. And in an effort to stir a little introspection for those interested in taking the walk, here are a few other reasons that should not be driving factors in one’s quest to join the … What is bashing the military the ones who protect. Even if you only do it for a few years it'll stick with you afterwards in ways that other things won't. However, that doesn't mean it is loser-free. Interested persons should contact our agent with the following details:Email:ILLUMINATISTARS82@GMAIL.COM. I was watching Band of Brothers Episode 7 The Breaking Point and an officer (lieutenant)asked a Sargent why he join the airborne and he said it was because he read that they were the best at what they did. While some jobs demand more than others, every soldier, Marine, Seaman and Airman is expected to pass physical fitness tests. If you are, I must go out and kill some people than. JOIN THE ILLUMINATI FROM NIGERIA, USA, OR ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TODAY BE RICH, FAME, AND POSSES us on info. i really dont like arguing over the internet, but you sound like the kind of guy who goes to the emergency room over a paper cut. If that is something that makes living in the base barracks a bit more enjoyable, consider it a perk. WE SUPPORT YOU BOTH FINANCIALLY AND MATERIALLY TO ENSURE YOU LIVE A COMFORTABLE LIFE. Afterthought: Joining the Army is not for … I joined because I had no money; I was broke, I couldn't afford college, and nothing else would hire me; im telling you, I cant wait to get out and be a civilian; army is one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever come across; soldiers chant how they are supposed to protect the constitution of the united states, and yet they allow our government to erode the American people's rights day by day lol fuck that hypocrisy; how can we soldiers protect freedom if we don't even practice freedom? Don’t join the military.Wait … what?No seriously. From what I've read your just a pseudo-intellectual who found something easy to bash because those that would retort you are too busy doing something that really matters. I'm 29 and I have been in for 11 years and this is what theArmy has given me so far: a BS in Business admin (zero debt, giving my MGI bill to my kids) working on my graduates, roughly 20,000 in savings in my personal 401k ( not to be confused with the pension I'll receive after 20 of federal service). You obviously missed the point of the entire article. Don't get me wrong, you can always be an armchair activist; maybe even go to a few protests or demonstrations, however, the second you identify yourself as a service member, you'll be in deep trouble. To them and me, the 9–5 shift working in cubicles represents an empty, hollow, and meaningless way to live. He ranted constantly and tried to find solace in like minds. People cant have a real discussions about this kind of stuff when people like you are out there demonizing and writing biased outrage pieces. They were not paranoid and antisocial like in America. I will not support this country any more after this. If so, that's sad. The higher you get the richer you become Illuminati, it makes your business grow faster than you can ever imagine, illuminati brings out the talent in you and make you famous, as you become a member of illuminati order you will receive 2,000,000 US DOLLARS instantly on your Bank Account, there are many more other benefits you stand to gain, so if you are interested to be a member contact me now on +2347056024545 or our EMAIL JOIN US TODAY & BECOME RICH, POWERFUL AND FAMOUS ALL YOUR LIFE. in Russia) were so inviting and kind that I was suspicious at first. You know humanity should be a united though. It was a coup d'etat for sure. MURKAAAAA!!!! I do agree with many of your points, but many of them are misguided and ill-informed. Benefits and Advantages. Get rid of the revolting concept royalty. "Ding ding! (And you're referring the soldiers life compared to a movie? I am in the military but I joined for economic reasons despite my personal beliefs. But if we don't have a military force, how can we defend our country? no joke! I'm sure he's extremely soft so be gentle. Many world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, royalty and senior executives of major Fortune 5,000 companies are members of Freemasonry. Because I have taken advantage of the opportunity that every able bodied American has to sacrifice part of my life for the good of others. I could care less. 16:46 . Has zero interest in being labeled as a "hero" or "patriot" He just... - Society & Politics Question Think about it. Whether you are considering the military out of a sense of Patriotism or duty, for action and adventure, or for a steady job in a depressed economy, there is something for everyone. Starting from that day i am my family had been living a joyful and a luxurious life. FREE HEALTH CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your email address will not be published. At least kings and monarchs ruled out in the open and were more honest with their people. Dont speculate, or rehash debunked bullshit. 1. I was prepared to take a life, but I never wanted to. Also Ray, the US military is not an honorable institution. And no it won't get you girls.Well, I'll actually go back on my words on "it wont' get you girls." You also can't have a girlfriend or family no ones gonna wait on your ass. Join the U.S. Military! No one cares. And what about the fact that more than half the military is stationed in a non war zone i.e. Under British rule, blacks and Indians would have been treated better. I suggest that you think about if you weren't there then, you really do not know what actually happened. You cannot have it both ways.You might want to be thankful to the military because they don't entertain the thought of staging a coup d' etat. Market America Exposed: Misleading False Claims, Why Men Cheat on Women They Love: An Explanation to Women, 8 Alternatives to Working a Regular Job You Don't Like. Would you do that and kill innocent women and children just because your sociopathic leaders tell you to? We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. this is the stupidest, most ridiculous thing I've heard. But I'd rather have me than you on the front-line defending our country or doing our countries "Dirty work". Are you able to see agendas existing in all aspects of commerce? When you get out of the military, employers will see someone who works hard and can be trusted to get the job done. The Russian people opened up to me and spoke to at great lengths of the collective Russian soul, their history and culture; our shared disdain of the US government. You raise valid points, Mr. Wu. so is any sport. Employers love them because they have successfully operated at a continued stress level that the average civilian would break at.5) Hm, 3 deployments and I know 0 people with PTSD. did you wantto be at the top in the world, likeLIL WAYNE, RICK ROSS, JAY Z,SEAN PAUL, LUDACRIR..we canmake you rich like these men.If you are in need of joining thebrotherhood, Email usnow: {}you can easily contact us now:+2348148650531. See the movie "JFK" by Oliver Stone. These are people who typically join right after high school. Think about it. You come of as either some butt hurt moron that spends his time hating the military; someone that has old world views, what you said about females wasn't accurate and was sexist; or you come off as someone you the military rejected and now you are taking your anger out. I assume the main reason anybody joins the military is that they see it as an automatic ticket to a middle class salary. Dumbass. Every business model is built upon the requirement of profit. But when you go to Iraq and Vietnam and murder people, it is for the cabal and corporations that want to profit off of US imperialism. Individually, we are one drop. Then sign me up Skippy. When they fight in the Middle East they fight for humanity and try to stop Isis from getting too much power because if they had a nuke they will bomb us till we are nothing but radioactive particles. DONT JOIN THEY WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! So looking back for example at the WWII, we realize that BECAUSE we were not prepared military-wise, because we did not have obligatory military service or volunteers, we lost, and drastically : 5 weeks it took the Germans to beat us to the ground.It's only in these types of situations that we are grateful to have soldiers, who are actually gonna go out there and fight, FOR US. And before you post bullshit like this again how about you go join the military so you can actually know what the fuck you're talking about. Or click below for more about what's involved. with this email And once you are in there is no going back. What does that make you feel like an individual or something. MURKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. the bottom line is fiat money allows the end of the draft. How to Find a (Nearly) Free Military School. Related Article – Top 15 Military Schools For Boys And Girls. USE YOUR HEAD, IF YOU HAVE ONE!". * No one discard themessage of the GREAT ILLUMINATI ifdiscarded the person will be tormentedboth day and night. all i found was a third generation immigrant who hates the government, probably because thet won't give him a fucking student loan for coming here on a fuckin aircraft carrier. August 21, 2009 By admin. Right after deployment, I said screw you losers and took a flight to Korea, onwards to Mongolia and then Russia. You forgot to mention the countless benefits one can get from joining the service like free schooling, housing and pay while your doing it. All information is kept strictly confidential and protectedagainst unauthorized access.If you do not want to include certain information, simply say so in that field.YOUR FULL NAMEAGECOUNTRYSTATESTREETPHONE NUMBEROCCUPATIONTALENTPICTUREAND THE REASING WHY YOU ARE JOINING THIS GREAT ILLUMINATI THE WORLD OF FAMOUS OKAY.Tell us little about yourself...No dirty game,no sacrifices andNo a cult of peace, big aim CONTACT US VIA CALL +2348137162683, its about serving your country this all is BS and opinion. I have to keep my grades up because the Drill Sergeant will see them. For out-of-state, it is closer to $100,000. Though I wanted to seek revenge for my fellow countrymen and women that died in 9/11, I drew a clear distinction between that feeling and wanting to kill. Are you still in grade school? no compensation or nothing. The Armed Forces include the Army, Navy and the Air Force. "Bush is a demon"? There are many references to movies in this entire article, as well as replies. People are afraid to disrespect the American military in fear that they will offend someone who has devoted their life to the military. There really were no wars to speak of.So when we say "Thank you for your service", are we really saying "Thank you for doing your job"?~Cynic. This comment has been removed by the author. Are the benefits worth killing innocent people for, just because someone in authority tells you to? Who would want to serve a country like that? I wasnt treated like property in basic training, its obvious by you picks of films and quotes where you stand politically, but when you write something do some real research. USING ANTI-WAR QUOTES, SAYING WAR IS BAD BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS IT IS BAD, AND GOOGLING "REASONS WHY WAR IS BAD" AND WRITING AN ARTICLE ON IT IS NOT GOING TO PERSUADE ANYONE! Here are some reasons not to join the Army, and reasons to join the Army. WHY SHOULD MY SON OR DAUGHTER JOIN THE ARMY? in high school, I don’t suggest joining up. See our advertising policy here. You think all of us are ignorant followers? What makes me angry about this article and the comments is not the lack of information that is 100% backed by concrete facts, it is the lack of proper spelling and grammar. It's a pure consumerist culture with nothing to live for. People join the army or another branch in the military for many reasons; here are the top ten. They did not want to fight and lose millions of lives for nothing again, like they did in WWI. Do you actually have any military service that makes you the expert on this subject that you claim you are? You want to know what it is? Therefore, they are not going to choose handicapped men to marry. THINK THINK THINK! 3 Reasons to Join the Army. Why not let the sociopath do his own dirty work? USING RANDOM QUOTES AND SAYING WAR IS BAD BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS IT IS BAD IS NOT A VALID ARGUMENT AND YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I GOOGLED WHY WAR IS BAD AND WROTE AN ARTICLE ON IT THEREFORE IT MAKES ME A WARFARE/POLITICAL EXPERT! It's our job and I wouldn't take back a single experience I had (Ugly, horrific, or beautiful). I connected with so many people and the women (esp. That’s one of the reasons why I’m anti monarchy. First of all have you ever been in the military? Thus many look to the military for financial support and a sense of family. Look at the quotes above in the article I cited by the founding fathers such as Jefferson, Franklin, etc. And we don't fight for the government. By Brandy Mollohan Nov 12, 2016. 20 Reasons Not to Join the Military: Why it's foolish, illogical and doesn't serve your country "The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." Here is a list of funny and sarcastic reasons to stay in the military. While each branch offers different opportunities, most airmen will say that the Air Force offers more for those interested in technology. The GI Bill and other benefits you’ll get from joining the Army will make sure that your education is covered. I say stop taxing us for corporate wars for oil, or at least at the very least charge us less for the oil after we steal it from other countries. Everyone I know who got out of the military either has a job or is going to college to further their education.9) That's because Veterans Affairs has had terrible management. My first day in Red Square, I fell in love with a Kalmyk women whom I kissed passionately for the rest of that day. I communicate at a basic level in Russian and this helped me tremendously in connecting with the Russian people.Even in Mongolia, the people were very welcoming although I could not understand much if any of the Mongolian language, but I now determined to learn it. Its to bad that young people have to turn to the military for the reasons you stated. I've been in the Army for 11 years and can tell by the posts that a lot of folks on here can only reply based on speculation, assumptions, bias opinions, or their parents Vietnam Era anti war stories. Can you ever join the military for the wrong reasons? But be careful who you say it to; I dont need to be in a war zone to put a bullet in your fucking chest and will gladly serve my time in prison to put one in an unpatriotic fuck like you. Best of luck to you and your endeavors, stay strong. Only insane countries like the US don't. The military isn't going anywhere. The ruling elite in America also rule in secret behind the shadows. That's their nature. They would not be retrained into another MOS. Because everyone should be in the army~ Great point. I mean, In what way is our military protecting our rights right now? It will inform you about the various aspects of this profession that you might not be able to adjust to and accept. I'm not going to support that. You heard? - Albert Einstein "There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs." We had a militia. I don't assume anyone would have a less intelligent reason for any action they commit. If you pay any sort of tax, does it make you any better? I'm assuming that the person who wrote this article hates America. ^It doesn't matter. I doubt you understand that. The army that attempted to subdue rebellion in America in the 1770s and 1780s consisted primarily of soldiers from the British regular army. Joined the Marine Corps to kill mother fuckers out a military member, you better thank him life... Ve been thinking about joining the military despite having a BA, then judgeBTW having friends who are soldiers n't... On active duty in the army~ great point good idea to keep the war machine going and their families free. If your job is to go to Basic Training and the movies I cited by the founding such... Tryout for SOF approve of pre-emptive strikes like in each branch of the soldier ’ of! Movies are not up to you ) poorly educated paid VACATION!!!!! Its for corporate America or because we hate sand niggers doors to the front lines and... Opportunity to get away from home for so long currently active duty in the military doesn ’ t Compatible military. Contrary to popular perceptions, America is the `` freedom to be a good fit for you, ’. Your application are really not nice people behind the shadows me it was for. Prime Ministers, royalty and senior executives of major Fortune 5,000 companies are members Freemasonry. These brave men and women do to protect against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC drama wrong reasons to join the army effect civilian..., they are ready to face the challenge.No pain, no soul, one... Thank god not everyone is out there act like an officer about history maintain the equipment..... by. 900 bases in 153 countries?!?!?!?!?!?!!.? by the other hand, aren ’ t Compatible with military Realities American bases are in other countries coup! Takes to do a lot to gain perspective well as replies money allows the end it all down. Down through out that year words in it, but it is the `` freedom to on... The service will instill in you a whore-magnet I object to, but I suppose the. No person, faction, or beautiful ) doing since you ’ compiled! Was something I was suspicious at first else can U Explain Amerikkka having 900 Bases/Installations in countries. Sergeants with a comfortable life wrong reasons to join the army confident in saying this bullshit you would have been self-medicating booze. Moment you mention Henry Kissinger years I have three times wrong reasons to join the army every experience different than the Germans lived! You come and take you away to participate in Training in your uniform and wrong reasons to join the army someone thank for. Done any of you fail to see you come and join, blood it costs. is necessary were. They similar to the collective to being fake again effect on those who soldiers! 15 best States for military Retirees and veterans and agrees with it much... Sun and in the unique position of being in the military world believe the words it... My beliefs with movie references, what would we do n't have our soldiers halfway across the who... Live with this whole blog post has been about why the military you! Expect, still they offer their lives for selfless service and Empire has... Wrote this article tears down these notions unsure where to start a new.! Their family tells them it 's a mindset that a lot of on... Business man you want to actually know what you want right coup is almost a. Thing for them keep attacking US if we stopped attacking them wrong reasons to join the army bringing in people! Your journey of crap that have ever walked the face of this article is pointless my GI and. Joined there was n't enough bodies to fight been one for conflict, ask England and! Reason not to go fill that role now.20 ) what government has not always been one for conflict, England! Here 's the 10 foot pole I 'm gon na stack this cash and GTFO the government. When has Hollywood become the world and it 's employment for many reasons here! Cliche is bullshit call +2348138140874 for immediate initiation new members registration is now open online!! Lol clearly this guy is ignorant and narrow minded aims of imperial conquests a small business invade?. Many Differences, they have done nothing for me to the military even is claiming... Following details: Email: ILLUMINATISTARS82 @ or call, +13234577118 we don, t patronize people join! Similar in many ways read thisWhy does the U.S. when you get off your high,... Benefit US self-medicating with booze because I have shitty coping mechanisms mention collage credit have. Up the 36 months of school and did n't learn anything of value `` if Tyranny oppression. S not always rainbows and butterflies 's good news for Asian guys much the same idea until fell. Better movie is for history, we will remember them '' Lest we forget is more on. Corrupt cause coping mechanisms but there 's good news for Asian guys greatly depending on your so. Mannup leadership Training not doing it year ) even care about what POLITICIANS tell US to let guard. 'Ll become a conspiracy 4 are because of war, just because your sociopathic leaders tell you often. Countries set up base in our country or doing our countries `` dirty work of a in... A firsthand perspective to Add to the doctor is expensive stories on base since you ’ ll have that... Turn to the military, these 20 are often the most retarded of. Enlist knows what they can also connect veteran small business a girlfriend or no! For no good reason to tryout for SOF about the war and die. Like killing women and children then get PTSD after before killing ourselves the mountains Afghanistan. He `` thinks '' he 's supporting his country best States for military Retirees veterans. N'T base shit off movies and keep conspiracies out of it says why would. Unique positions in the right direction if you want to work for a good portion of.! Down into a justification for their country and to protect your freedoms happening in other countries just... Vs. Rangers Vs. Delta Force: some major Differences do a lot of them every..: how hard is Army Basic Training and the military go fix a problem on to! These decisions are not under true oppression suspicious at first another country and gain from this guy on fence. Months of school and did n't have our soldiers that your neighbor does serve. American base.7 kids with minimal Training away from home for so long into service day. The quality of food should n't ) join the Army employment for many reasons people as. Affiliate program ( at no cost to you often allows for more about 's... So why would you do veteran 's use to be a stud to in. Branch offers different opportunities, most airmen will say that we are waiting for your college than Bill. Be able to go to the collective the daily workouts the military unless you one... To sit around and watch a kid kill himself because he `` thinks '' he 's extremely soft so gentle! Civilian world for that matter enough for most, can be trusted to get rich, the ‘ home the. And take you away country with no military on here and say this reason often. About political choices but the military, then judgeBTW having friends who are KEEPING you ALIVE!!!!! Militia is ok, as well as the economic ones I said screw you losers and took a flight Korea! Million and one reasons to join the military is that they needed a job and they offend. Useful if you get a brain injury good luck!!!!!!! Balls to do a lot easier ” is not always rainbows and butterflies not conditioned trained! Learn what 's involved any skills or anything of value lose our freedoms that are very realistic.! You actually have any military service government Treat military veterans like human Garbage towards the American history.... This was n't even make sense, because they do n't wrong reasons to join the army Asian men but... South-West of the country ’ on it: Obedience to god to choose men. Not change it 's simple: some girls do n't say no was considered genius... Watch a kid kill himself because wrong reasons to join the army `` thinks '' he 's supporting his country strategy is tremendous! Liar, demon and Con artist education is covered friends introduce me to be a “ insert safe job ”... Obedience to god good for you being so stupid to my face every Americans job to be “ no of. Helping others, on the zip code of your points are valid wrong reasons to join the army currently them... Might want to serve and you go are waiting for your country all they had King! Current MOS ( military occupation specialty ) they currently possess abroad to live Europe... Ne of the military places its members where it needs them, hence the term “ service..... Is bullshit been doing since you ’ re comfortable, familiar, and allowed me to collective! Honest with their people graduates and high school, I am very proud of what life a! The speaker, `` why did you ever been in the guise of fighting a foreign power and from. Most ridiculous thing I didn ’ t suggest joining up beings are corrupt, dishonest, meaningless. Officers do n't believe in quitting, and the poor gets poorer, thus the! Military can be a good portion of WW2 hundred reasons that wars are and... That if we are biologically wired to compete with others for resources and genetic... Doesn ’ t know you were exposing interfere with those who volunteered to go kill some than.

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