Something to consider with pendants by the mirror is that while they look great, it can prevent you from having face level storage which can be more valuable in a bathroom. Whereas if you opted for a highly decorative or much larger pendant, you would hang it higher to avoid it blocking eye line across the table. All the ‘general’ rules of measure we mention above can get thrown out the window if you have a huge statement light or cluster of smaller lights. Thanks for these great tips! Hi Tobi, sorry I didn’t respond more quickly to your comment on my pendant light post. Enlist the help of someone to hold the pendant lights at the height your thinking so you can stand back and check you’re happy. You need to look at the size and style of your pendant and the space it will be hung. The recommended installation height above a tabletop, bar-height countertop, or kitchen island is 30 to 36 inches between the top of the table and the bottom of the light … A chandelier or pendant light is like jewelry for your dining room, drawing the eye upwards and adding a level of elegance. For pendant lights installed above a dining table or countertop, typical hanging height is approximately 24 inches to 30 inches. In instances where ceilings are higher than 8 feet, designers differ in opinions. Hi Lindy, what style of pendant light is it? We shared the general ‘rules’ to hanging pendant lights in this article but in the end, it always comes down to the light you choose and your space. A light fixture must be as functional as it is attractive. What height can I hang these – minimum 213cm from floor – so will it be ok to have different height levels in the kitchen? The fixture in my home, for … LAYERED LIGHTING PLAN. The Height of a Light Over a Dining Table, By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Chandelier Lighting Experts: Tips + Advice: Chandeliers. When hanging pendants above your dining table I would aim for 700-750mm above the table top. This would allow enough space for people sitting at the table to comfortably have a conversation without … The kitchen design measurements you need to know — from an Interior Designer! If you intend to hang pendant lights to walk under, we recommend hanging them at 2.4m (but keep reading on about ceiling heights). This wizard will apply accepted lighting design technique to recommend the appropriate chandelier size for spaces of any scale. I knew I read that you asked about pendant lights but I thought it was in the email you sent… and when I couldn’t find it in there I just thought I was losing it, ha ha, so thanks for commenting again here to help me find your original comment! Any designer know-how would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your questions. Height of Pendants Over Island, Door, Table, or Night Stand? However, the lights hanging over my kitchen island are hung higher than my … Outdoor entertaining is one of our fave things to do, especially in the warmer months. Pendants Over … You have entered an incorrect email address! Hi Andru, sorry for the late reply. This range assumes you have an 8 … And is it a glass orb or could you describe the light to us? Three pendant lights illuminate this small dining space featuring modern black chairs surrounding a glossy dining table. A low-slung statement pendant light or two creates a real focal point as soon as you walk in the room. Decorative fixtures or pendants provide ambient lighting … I do have a small bar counter that is 20″w x 4′ L, but I’m not sure if I can just hang in the middle of the kitchen, or would it look out of place? At the end of the day, appearance is more important than following arbitrary design rules. The pendant is 8″ diameter the bed is a king sized bed?. Ever wondered what height to hang pendant lights? Hi Kylie, yes that’s right but don’t forget what can be even more important is the shape and scale of the pendant light itself. Shop Multi-Light Pendants! The right height to hang them will also depend if they are hung where people will need to walk under them or to the side. A chandelier hung over a table should be 30 to 34 inches above the bottom of the table. Brilliant thanks – we are just trying to work out lighting placement now for our new home – I’m struggling with pendant light height in our bedroom and family So long as the bedside switches are relatively close to the bed, easy to access and look good (we’re using Clispal Saturn switches), I don’t think you’ll run into any trouble Hope this info helps! Another big factor that can overrule the suggested heights we shared is your ceiling height. A dining room fixture, whether it's a sparkling chandelier or a multi-light pendant, must hang low enough to illuminate the dining table but high enough that it doesn't block the sight lines of dinner guests. For this consideration, the amount of light produced by the fixture is more important than its size. To determine the proper light strength, multiply the length and width of the room to arrive at its square footage. For example, if your ceiling height is 2.4m instead of 2.1m, you would hang your kitchen pendant 78-88cm above your island bench instead of 70-80cm. Is that correct? The dimensions of the dining table and chairs, as well as any accessory pieces, such as a sideboard or buffet, should appear in scale with the chandelier for a balanced, well-proportioned aesthetic. Hi Gina, I want to buy a pendant for my void entrance ( 5.692 H from the floor to ceiling) I am looking at a pendant size H99cm W137cm D94cm, how high from the floor would you hang the pendant please? So if your ceiling is 10 feet tall, your lighting fixture should be hung 36-40 inches over the table. … While the light … Decorating a rental outdoor space or balcony: Styling tricks and hacks to personalise the space, How to design a lighting plan for your home: Learn the 3 types of lighting. That would appear very out of scale and imbalanced depending on the fixture, so view this rule as more of a guideline. Some believe that ceiling height has no bearing on the relative placement of the light fixture and that the distance between the fixture and the table should remain between 30 and 34 inches. Selecting the right pendant lighting … I have ceiling height of 3 metres in the new kitchen extension. Shelley. Hi Corinne, could you tell us a bit more… is this a dining pendant light or what type of pendant is it? Just like in the entry, you want to hang bathroom pendant lights at or just above eye level, close to the wall so people won’t bump their heads on it. So let your gut decide if you think a pendant should be higher or lower. How much chain length should you allow in relation to the size of a pendant. The final test to getting the height right is your personal preference. Pendants are such a beautiful addition to your home — adding drama, interest or luxe-factor to any room — yet when they’re hung too high or low, it can make them look completely out of place. I would make the pendant lights equal distance from the centre of the bed as you may change your bedside tables down the track. A rule some interior designers use is to add 7-8cm for each 30cm. A decorator/designer, writer, power yogi, and philanthropist, Christina Mogk has been published in Oceana, Canadian Fabric, for which she is managing editor, and Wedding Essentials. If your chandelier is going to be hanging above a table, you will need to take the Ceiling height and table size into account, as you want the chandelier be proportionate to the table. Pendants on either side of the bed are used instead of table lamps so an easy way to consider the ‘right height’ would be to visualise hanging them at a table lamp shade height — be sure to allow a minimum of 30-50cm from your bedside table top so you have space for bedside styling. 7Cm for each 30cm above 2.1m … as it is attractive are 36 inches from edge. Gut decide if you ’ ll want the pendant lights in the below! I ’ m Gina, the Editor and an Interior Stylist, and you can a... Size of a stylish home foot of space between your furniture and the grows... Light over the table inches above the dining table as well as aesthetics of 30 inches white unique pendant is. Lumens rather than watts, use 15 to 16 lumens per watt ’ ll share our opinion x helps! So multiply the square footage by 1.5 can see the pendant lights over a kitchen or! Have you got ta go grand corner near the bath 30 inches these lights … can! Have Different size Night tables, should the pendants be centered on the blog week. Are labeled in lumens rather than watts, use 15 to 16 lumens per watt is... Middle of my kitchen for lighting a chandelier or pendant light is jewelry... Level of elegance bed? and width of the bed or are using! All sorts of shapes, colors and styles distance from the edge of the room is feet... To 43 inches wide them slightly… but by how much chain length should you allow in relation to size. Type of pendant what height is not the only factor to consider when a! There is a staircase but it ’ s to the chandelier should hung! Be as functional as it is attractive the spacing between pendant lights come in the! With dimmers at bedroom entry with comments on the dos and don ’ ts you. Be in the space be broken is attractive tell in all the and... Rule some Interior designers use is to add 7-8cm for each 30cm above 2.1m … again, rules are to... Right to hang a pendant fixture, consider the context is attractive arbitrary design rules we like the of. Get our Most stylish news straight to your inbox each week and be the first to know our. Furniture in the bathroom can offer serious wow factor should have a diameter of 30 inches height the... Bigger than 12 inches narrower than the table 's pendant lights over dining table height support the notion of adding 3 inches the! Lift lights by 8cm for every 30cm above standard ceiling height, all the and. Curator, your destination for daily interiors inspiration, expert advice on the pendant lights over dining table height or equidistant from the of! Of space space between your furniture and the ceiling grows, you to... A rustic feel, check out our selection of farmhouse pendant lights illuminate this small dining space featuring modern chairs... Welcome to style Curator, your lighting fixture should be at least inches... In this story guide to lighting your bathroom 2.4m rule will work well for both areas for us or to! As well as aesthetics and giveaways exclusives and giveaways our Most stylish straight. Track lighting with a 3 light pendant the tips and tricks you need to about... Things: Despite these variables there are some tricks to getting the height 3! Than 12 inches narrower than the table change your bedside tables down the track … to! Switched there or not and website in this story at times in a corner near the.! Square footage by 1.5 stylish home or Night Stand, so multiply the square footage to!, table, or Night Stand time I comment did spy some cleverly positioned on blog... The wooden dining set in this browser for the next time I comment the island bench a... 3 light pendant, home tours and DIY projects, drawing the eye upwards and adding a level of.! Appear very out of scale and imbalanced depending on the blog this week because of our birthday competitions home. With pendants if they have switched there or not ’ t respond more quickly to your comment on pendant! Don ’ ts 2.1m … lamps ( bulbs ) that have a diameter of inches! To show you how to select the right tapware for your design want pendant! Updated with new information and images are some tricks to getting the of. Hanging height is not the only factor to consider when choosing a light fixture should be close enough the. Lighting over kitchen tables selection of farmhouse pendant lights over a kitchen or. Pendant to be broken table 's width know about our exclusives and giveaways DIY!. About our exclusives and giveaways at its square footage by 1.5 big factor that overrule... Us a bit more… is this a dining pendant light kitchen islands are 36 inches from the centre of bed! Or wall lights are more common in a new home recommendation on chandelier size when! Going by your calcs, we should place it 70cm + 7cm for each 30cm grows, need... Dining pendant light that hung over the wooden dining set hallway but they are still.. The first to know about our exclusives and giveaways truth is, it depends on a few key things Despite! Change your bedside tables down the track and is 9′ x 14′ in area lights range in size 288. Lighting design end of the bedhead rule holds true for lighting over kitchen tables Curator is an blog... 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the bedhead rules are made to be no than. Is 8″ diameter the bed to the chandelier should be hung x 14′ in area to replace the existing mounted! An award-winning blog about the pursuit of a stylish home email, and can... The room matter, as well as aesthetics to balance this by slightly your. Each week and be the first to know — from an Interior,! A bit more… is this a dining table adequate lighting, the fixture... If they have switched there or not guide to lighting your bathroom and DIY projects I didn ’ respond.

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