Consecutive sentences are served one after the other, for example a 6 month sentence followed by a 3 month sentence. 155+4 sentence examples: 1. The Sun (2007) Both sentences will run concurrent with their existing jail terms. concurrent and consecutive My opinions are concurrent w See more. With a consecutive sentence, a defendant serves time for each crime. Concurrent is good. Concurrently definition, at the same time: All seven projects are running concurrently. For example, suppose that John Doe is tried and convicted of attempting to rob a convenience store. 3. If a person is found guilty of multiple offences, whether they have been committed in different periods during one year or more, he/she can be imprisoned for each of them, which means a concurrent sentence is imposed. This section effectively makes the concurrent power in section 51 ( xii ) exclusive to the Commonwealth. Talk to a Lawyer. 2. Cumulative sentences are served one after the other. 🔊 Because they have concurrent powers, both federal and state governments have the authority to tax citizens. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Types of prison sentences gov. Concurrent sentences are served at the same time. Concurrent definition is - operating or occurring at the same time. ; Soon, by concurrent steps, the day began to break and the fog to subside and roll away. The agencies have concurrent powers and share spending responsibilities 50/50. Justipedia explains Concurrent Sentence For example, let's say that a man is sentenced to 10 years in prison for his first … He was given two prison sentences, to run concurrently. They passed a two-month consecutive term for the assault, with a concurrent 14 days for criminal damage. Concurrent definition and meaning | collins english dictionary. Sentences that may all be served at the same time, with the longest period controlling, are concurrent sentences. What Does concurrent Really Mean? The exhibition reflected concurrent developments abroad. It means that the sentences for the various crimes of conviction will be served at the same time. Consecutive sentences are part of a new provision of the Criminal Code adopted in 2011. The sentences for each crime are then "tacked" on … Concurrent Sentences. For example, an indeterminate sentence specifies a range, such as “5 to 10 years,” or “15 years to life,” instead of sentencing someone to a set number of years in prison. 130 sentence examples: 1. Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever. Definition of Concurrent powers. The definition of concurrently is things happening at the same time. 5. An indeterminate sentence is the opposite of a determinate sentence, which assigns a fixed prison term to an individual convicted of a crime. Concurrent Sentence Prison terms for two or more offenses to be served at the same time, rather than one after the other. This merged sentence is called the aggregate or combined sentence. ; In an idea word-embodied, the embodier, then, possesses with God concurrent ownership. Sentence Examples. 3. Bad guys don't like these words because they often describe jail terms: concurrent means at the same time, and consecutive means one after the other in a series.Con artists would rather serve concurrent terms and get them over with, instead of consecutive ones.. Concurrent events happen at the same time, like when thieves make a plan to rob two houses at midnight. For example, if someone is sentences to sixty (60) days on charge A and thirty (30) days on charge B. Concurrent sentences are served at the same time. What does concurrently mean? English words and Examples of Usage use "concurrent" in a sentence These are "concurrent actual causes." How to use consecutive in a sentence. This phenomenon is known as a concurrent sentence. Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. (If you were wondering why there is a picture of pancakes with this post, this is why.) The courts of law in UK impose varied sentences, including the concurrent and consecutive ones for a criminal who has been judged for more than just one crime. The prison sentences will run concurrently. A concurrent sentence is almost always preferable to a consecutive sentence because it allows individuals to get out of jail or prison quicker. What is difference between concurrent and consecutive sentences. Accordingly, he proceeded to pass the sentences of 8 years concurrent on each count. 1987 saw concurrent update access provided for SAS data sets with SAS/SHARE software. Route 65 between Waverly and Carrollton, passing over the Missouri River via the Waverly Bridge when concurrent. The Sun (2012) He was given two concurrent jail sentences of three years. How to use concurrent in a sentence. Examples of concurrent jurisdiction in a sentence, how to use it. In general, this is the rule for multiple convictions stemming from the same event. The sentences for each crime of conviction are stacked on top of each other. The definition of concurrent is things that are happening at the same time. Examples of Concurrent powers in a sentence. A concurrent sentence is when the sentences are allowed to overlap. When a judge allows an individual to serve jail time for multiple crimes at the same time, it is referred to as a concurrent sentence. Sentences merge for the purpose of calculating an offender's parole eligibility date, the discharge … Concurrent Sentences. Concurrent sentencing differs from consecutive sentencing, which forces the convicted criminal to serve both sentences one right after the other. For the example above, you would serve 18 months total. A concurrent sentence is served at the same time as another sentence imposed earlier or at the same proceeding. Use concurrently in a sentence | concurrently sentence examples. Concurrent and consecutive sentences, and double punishment. Because his prison sentences run concurrently , he could be Dictionary ! Uk. Which of the following describes the formal punishment imposed on an individual convicted of committing a crime? Menu. 4. If the sentence for one offence can comprehend and reflect the criminality of the other, then the sentences ought to be concurrent, otherwise there is a risk that the combined sentences will exceed that which is warranted to reflect the totality of the two offences: Cayhadi per Howie J at [27]. Consecutive definition is - following one after the other in order : successive. Example: Two five-year sentences and one three-year sentence, if served concurrently, result in a maximum of five years behind bars. Concurrent sentences merge into one and are served simultaneously. See more. Read more… His new concurrent sentence means three more years behind bars. In the scenario above, X will serve a total of 3 years as his 2-year imprisonment for theft will be served together with his 3-year sentence for criminal breach of trust. Examples of how to use “concurrency” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs A consecutive (or cumulative) sentence occurs when a defendant has been convicted of several counts, each one constituting a distinct offense or crime, or when a defendant has been convicted of several crimes at the same time. It may consist of a single operation, or of successive or concurrent operations. Besides, another really laudable step was the running of coaches and umpires' clinics concurrent with the National Championship. For example, if a person is sentenced to three years imprisonment for the most serious charge and six months for another charge to be served concurrently, a total of three years will be served. A concurrent sentence is different from a consecutive sentence. What's the difference between consecutive and concurrent. Concurrent sentences are served at the same time. example: an offender who is sentenced to two concurrent terms of 12 months each would serve a 12-month sentence, not a 24-month sentence. Concurrent definition, occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side: concurrent attacks by land, sea, and air. For more detail on these concepts and the surrounding law, see Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences, and Double Punishment. Etienne is holding three concurrent exhibitions. For example, two five year sentences and one four year sentence, if served concurrently, would result in a maximum of five years in prison. Print Concurrent Sentence in Law: Definition & Example Worksheet 1. 2. The twins had concurrent birthday. concurrent powers in a sentence - Use "concurrent powers" in a sentence 1. :: * The Endangered Species Program is one example of concurrent powers. So, if the judge in the above example were to order that the sentences run concurrently, the defendant’s sentence would be three years—she would serve the two-year sentence simultaneously with the three-year sentence. That means they occur one after the other, rather than concurrently — or simply put, at the same time. 4. ‘For failing to appear at the previous hearing she will serve another concurrent sentence of two weeks.’ ‘A variation in conviction and sentence by the Court of Appeal in March 2002 replaced life imprisonment and a ten year concurrent sentence.’ ‘He was sentenced at Preston Crown Court to serve fifteen concurrent life sentences.’ Concurrent Sentence Primary tabs. governing powers that are shared by both two different divisions. Cumulative Sentences . 2. Examples of 'concurrent' in a sentence concurrent. 20 examples: We have said clearly that flexible rules need to be drawn up covering the… You can't attend two concurrent events! The general principle is that when the conviction is for multiple, separate offences, the term of imprisonment will run consecutively. A concurrent sentence means multiple sentences will be served at the same time. When a criminal defendant is convicted of two or more crimes, a judge sentences the defendant to a certain period of time for each crime. ; The concurrent sentiment of the church was expressed by the overwhelming vote of about 200 to 20 of the male members.